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Fork ClampsBale Clamps

Operate both as a clamp and a fork positioner. Awkward loads, such as crates, bales & tires can be clamped between the forks. The ability to position the forks speeds pallet handling and reduces wear and tear on the pallets. more info >Palletless handling of nearly any type of baled product such as cotton, wool, synthetic textile bales, corregated, newsprint, rag, hay and metal scrap bales translates into savings in time and storage costs. more info >

Pulp Bale ClampsRecycling Clamps

For high-volume, damage free and secure handling of pulp bales and unitized pulp in stevedoring, mill, warehousing, shipboard and transporting operations.
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Rugged and durable clamps built to excel in recycling harsh applications. Designed with full length alloy steel wear bars, full width UHMW bearings and Frame bumpers to protect cylinders these recycling clamps withstand the most demanding applications. more info >

Bulk Box HandlerMulti-Purpose Clamps
These are Multi-Purpose Clamps with forks. Bulk Box Handlers are used to handle produce, piece parts, etc., where a box attached to a pallet requires support of multipurpose arms for rotating and dumping. more info >Multi-Purpose Clamps efficiently and economically handle many types of corrugated, metal and wooden containers as well as baled product. Substantially reduce or completely eliminate the need for pallets and the associated cost of pallet purchase or rental, maintenance, disposal and storage. Build loads to order, or skim partial loads with the Cascade Multi-Purpose clamp.
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Drum ClampsBar Arm Attachments

Drum clamps are widely used in the petroleum and chemical industries and in other applications that require the handling of standard 55-gallon drums. Drum clamps can also help improve productivity by handling up to four drums per load. more info >

Designed primarily for the textile industry, Cascade Bar Arm Attachments are used for handling rolls of cloth material such as towels, linens and denim. more info >

TurnaforkNo-Arm Clamps

Cascade’s TURNAFORK™ is used in a variety of manufacturing, receiving, warehousing and shipping environments that require both clamp handling and pallet handling. Rotate the arms to the vertical position for clamping, or to the horizontal position to handle most types of conventional pallets. Order picking layers of varied product onto a pallet is simplified. In addition to clamp handling of cartons, the versatile TURNAFORK™ is also used for clamping awkward or difficult loads such as large tires. more info >

Clamps with no arms are designed for applications that require custom fabricated arms. Each clamp includes two bolt-on arm pads used as a base for the specialized arms provided by the customer. Existing arms or forks may also be welded to the pads. more info >
Forging Clamp & ManipulatorTurnaload

Lift truck attachments designed for safe and efficient handling forgings and castings when loading and unloading furnaces and forging presses. more info >

A dual purpose attachment for both clamp and pallet handling. Useful in shipping, receiving and order picking operations requiring both palletless handling of boxes, crates and cartons, as well as palletized loads and scrap bales. more info >

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